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  • All It Is About Perspective
    James Read 10 DECEMBER 2017

    How do you react to the situations you live. What is the persepective you are seeing? Your perspective or God's perspective. [...]

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  • Walking in Unity
    James Read 03 DECEMBER 2017

    We have to walk in unity and that means that we are a group of people with differences but cooming together for the common good of one. [...]

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  • Abundant Life
    Fabiana Read 27 NOVEMBER 2017

    It is his will that we have an abundant life. The enemy will try to keep your eyes away from Jesus. Don't lose your hope. Speak the word and recover hope. [...]

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  • My Identity in Christ
    James Read 19 NOVEMBER 2017

    Any success we can get in life is know who we are and who we are in christ. [...]

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